Stroker and Hoop: Money$hot Pinball

Most pinball games have bumpers. This one has knockers. Based on the somewhat tasteless Adult Swim cartoon Stroker and Hoop, this equally tasteless pinball game features one main table and five unlockable minigames. The lightning fast, ultra-realistic ball action, barrage of sound effects, challenging play, and tuned scoring system makes this an exciting game with plenty of replay value.

  • Webby award honoree — Interactive Advertising
  • Gameplay Video

    All the standard pinball elements are present; flippers, chutes, ramps, bumpers, slingshots, and targets. Hit the required combination of targets to unlock the magnetic ‘Money$hot’ hole in the middle of the table. Drop the ball in the hole to start a minigame. You may find yourself trying to knock out cannibals, blast pursuing cop cars, or nudge missing organs through the wound from which they were extracted. Gross, but fun.