Skyracer: Impulse

Fast-forward to the distant future. High-tech hover craft race on roadways anti-gravitationally suspended far above the ground. Feel the thrill of break-neck speed in this 3D action game.

You race against 3 computer controlled vehicles as you zip around hairpin turns, zigzagging around skyscrapers and canyon rock formations.

Designed for, this game uses the 3D Groove Xtra developed by The Groove Alliance. The 3D Groove engine offers fast software-only rendering and hardware accelerated Open GL support for advance video cards.

The game features three selectable hovercraft and two stunningly beautiful track designs. Your fastest lap and race times are saved between game sessions and you can even submit your best to an online high score board.

The keyboard controls are completely configurable and rendering quality can be reduced when playing on older computers. Four camera modes are available and easily switchable during a race.