Save Them Goldfish!

Your college roommate is out of money and out of food — and he is trying to fry your beloved goldfish for dinner! It’s up to you to save them from a fiery demise!

Gameplay Video

This game is based on a TV commercial for that aired in 1999. The commercial depicts a poor college student rummaging through his empty kitchen for food. Desperate and hungry, the young man turns and eyes a helpless pet goldfish swimming in a glass bowl. A few seconds later the poor fish is seen sizzling over a hot skillet.

The game assumes that you are the roommate of this hungry college student. You return home to find him trying to turn your goldfish into a light snack and it’s up to you to save them!

When your roommate tosses a goldfish on the skillet, you need to quickly pick it up and safely drop it back in the fishbowl. The longer the fish has spent flipping in the frying pan, the hotter he becomes. Hot fish can’t be held very long or they will burn your hand causing you to drop them on the countertop. Let a fish fry for too long and expires in a puff of smoke.

The pace of game play quickens as you save more and more of your little pals. Soon your roommate starts grabbing handfuls of fish at a time.

After launch the game, eCampus created Save Them Goldfish! t-shirts and frisbees which were given away as promotional goodies.