I’m a pinball enthusiast. I play for fun and competitively in leagues.

Up until now, I recorded all my best scores in plain text on my phone. It sufficed for a while, but I wanted something better. Something modern. Something social. Something that lets me share in the glory when people I know achieved a new personal high score, and let them do the same for me. lets me record my scores in detail, but when I’m playing in a bar or competing on a league night, it’s not so convenient. I needed something more streamlined. More immediate. So, I decided to build a new app.

Introducing Pindigo – a mobile social pinball score tracking app.

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  • easily keep track of your personal high scores using your smartphone wherever you are
  • use your smartphone camera to record photo evidence of your awesomeness and prove it’s legit
  • add notes and record details (# of balls, tilt sensitivity, etc) with each score
  • sync your high scores online with
  • your followers will be notified when you get a new high score
  • see how you stack up against the competition in the personal and global leaderboards
  • you’ll get notifications when your friends/teammates (users you follow) get a new high score
  • stalk your favorite pro and gawk at his high scores