Mission: Space Race

Sixty simultaneous players face-off in a high energy race to propel their spacecraft from Mars back to Earth. This attraction is installed at Epcot in the new Mission: SPACE pavilion. I was a member of the team that developed the innovative game Space Race, located in the post-show area of the building.

RACING THROUGH SPACE — Guests become members of the Mission Control team when they engage in Space Race, a high-energy interactive game that explores the teamwork needed between Mission Control and astronauts in space missions. Two teams work against one another to fix problems on their ship and be the first to arrive at the race destination. The Mission: SPACE post show, powered by HP, extends the adventure of Mission: SPACE, a Walt Disney World attraction set for liftoff at Epcot in 2003. Copyright 2003, THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY.

Two teams compete against each other in a race to send their rocket from Mars back to Earth. Nearly 60 people can play the high-energy game at one time.

The official preview date for Mission: SPACE was August 15 2003, with the full official opening date on October 2003.