Fantastic Plastics Challenge

Design your own robot, then race it against 10 other players in a 3D obstacle course. There are no joysticks or game controllers here.. your feet control the action!

This location-based game is installed at Epcot in the Innoventions East pavillion. The game is part of an exhibit sponsored by the Society of the Plastics Industries. Visitors to the exhibit are shown the benefits of plastics through short presentations, interactive multimedia kiosks, and other hands-on activities. The Fantastic Plastics Challenge game takes up roughly one-third of the exhibit space.

The game allows up to eleven players a chance to design their own robot and then compete against each other in a race through a 3D obstacle course.

Using two spinning wheels and pushbuttons, players first design their robot by choosing a shape, color, and style for the head, torso, and legs. Once the robot’s appearance is complete, players choose plastic ‘super-powers’ which affect how the robot will react to impediments along the obstacle course.

While racing, the robots are controlled by a ‘dance-pad’ interface below the player’s feet. Running in place causes the on-screen robot to run as well. The faster the player runs, the faster the on-screen counterpart runs. Using the dance-pad controls, the robot can be made to run forward, left, and right, walk backward, and jump. Because of the completitive factor of the game, people are motivated to run as fast as they can. The game ends up being quite an aerobic workout for the participants.

There are 24 networked computer systems that make up the attraction, as well as other dedicated hardware to control the audio and lighting effects.