Dragons Vs Robots Website

Fast-forward to the not-so-distant future.. once-slumbering Dragons have awoken and are locked in a global battle with a sentient race of self-evolving Robots. The prize: a powerful new source of energy called Protium. This is the world of Dragons Vs Robots!

Join the site, use the Dragon or Robot Creator to prepare your titans, then seek your enemies and face them in glorious battle. Each titan has their own profile page where you can track statistics, rate your appearance, and add your friends and enemies for later.

Dragon Creator VideoRobot Creator Video



I was Product/Design Director for the first iteration of TrustCloud, a “Lean Startup” company that empowers internet users to claim their online trustworthy reputation and leverage it in the sharing economy. TrustCloud verifies your email, phone number, physical address, and social networks then looks at your virtuous behavior on sites like TripAdvisor and eBay to build a portable Trust profile. You can then use your TrustCard on, Craigslist, WordPress blogs, or ride/room/task-sharing sites like Tripping, ShareTribe, RidePost.


English 3D

Full website design and build for Scholastic. Features a Flash carousel video player on the homepage, a drop-down navigation menu, and a document flipbook viewer.


A Screw Askew

I founded my design/development/consulting business, A Screw Askew, in 2004. This is some light-hearted branding work for the company.


Expert 21 eSampler

Full website design and build in HTML/CSS/ASP.

Traits Writing

Full website design and build for Scholastic.


Bookish, in it’s original form, was a NYC startup that aimed to be the best online resource to help readers find new and better books. I worked closely with the Product Manager to design the user experience for their flagship book recommendation engine. Working within their established style guide, I explored an array of options in quick iterations, presented these options in comps and interactive prototypes, and generated specs that were used by the engineering team to implement the final designs.

Old websites

Very old web sites from the 1990s.