Mission: Space Race

Sixty simultaneous players face-off in a high energy race to propel their spacecraft from Mars back to Earth. This attraction is installed at Epcot in the new Mission: SPACE pavilion. I was a member of the team that developed the innovative game Space Race, located in the post-show area of the building.

RACING THROUGH SPACE — Guests become members of the Mission Control team when they engage in Space Race, a high-energy interactive game that explores the teamwork needed between Mission Control and astronauts in space missions. Two teams work against one another to fix problems on their ship and be the first to arrive at the race destination. The Mission: SPACE post show, powered by HP, extends the adventure of Mission: SPACE, a Walt Disney World attraction set for liftoff at Epcot in 2003. Copyright 2003, THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY.

Two teams compete against each other in a race to send their rocket from Mars back to Earth. Nearly 60 people can play the high-energy game at one time.

The official preview date for Mission: SPACE was August 15 2003, with the full official opening date on October 2003.


Dragons Vs Robots: Titan Battle

Pick your titan, locate your enemy, and enter the fray! This turn-based strategy battle game is the centerpiece of the Dragons Vs Robots site. The mechanics are deceptively simple; but make no mistake, your opponents are cunning. Be wary of their protium attacks! Every win propels you higher in the rankings and awards points for your side.

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Teen Titans: Battle Blitz

Lay the smack down on some evil-doers in this action-packed one-on-one fighting game. Master the unique moves of all five Titans and then exercise your evil side by playing the five villains!

  • Earned a One Show Award
  • One of the top 10 most-played games on
  • Inspired the Season 2 episode “Winner Takes All”

Styled like a standard arcade fighting game such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, the game faces the five Teen Titans against five super villains in one-on-one fights to the finish. Each character features a unique fighting style which includes the typical punch, kick and jump moves, plus several special attacks.

The characters and settings are based on the new Teen Titans cartoon series on Cartoon Network which launches July 2003. Included characters are the Titans Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beastboy, and villains Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, Cinderblock, and Plasmus.

Buzz Garden Game

A cute little garden-growing game built for the Scholastic Summer Reading program. Kids read books to earn seed packets containing three random seeds. Who knows what it will grow into. Want to collect all the flowers and special items? — read more books!

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Fantastic Plastics Challenge

Design your own robot, then race it against 10 other players in a 3D obstacle course. There are no joysticks or game controllers here.. your feet control the action!

This location-based game is installed at Epcot in the Innoventions East pavillion. The game is part of an exhibit sponsored by the Society of the Plastics Industries. Visitors to the exhibit are shown the benefits of plastics through short presentations, interactive multimedia kiosks, and other hands-on activities. The Fantastic Plastics Challenge game takes up roughly one-third of the exhibit space.

The game allows up to eleven players a chance to design their own robot and then compete against each other in a race through a 3D obstacle course.

Using two spinning wheels and pushbuttons, players first design their robot by choosing a shape, color, and style for the head, torso, and legs. Once the robot’s appearance is complete, players choose plastic ‘super-powers’ which affect how the robot will react to impediments along the obstacle course.

While racing, the robots are controlled by a ‘dance-pad’ interface below the player’s feet. Running in place causes the on-screen robot to run as well. The faster the player runs, the faster the on-screen counterpart runs. Using the dance-pad controls, the robot can be made to run forward, left, and right, walk backward, and jump. Because of the completitive factor of the game, people are motivated to run as fast as they can. The game ends up being quite an aerobic workout for the participants.

There are 24 networked computer systems that make up the attraction, as well as other dedicated hardware to control the audio and lighting effects.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Iron & Flame

Classic arcade brawler action with an RPG twist awaits you in this 2D side-scrolling game based on the hit anime series Fullmetal Alchemist.

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This game differs from most brawlers in that the player has control of two characters instead of one. Each character has his own health bar and special abilities, however only one character can be active at a time. The inactive character automatically trails behind the active one and occasionally helps out with a melee attack. The active character can be switched at any time with a simple key press. The game ends if both characters’ health bars must be depleted.

Each character has a standard melee attack and a set of magical abilities (alchemical transmutations, in this case). As play progresses, the characters gain experience levels which unlock new abilities. In the anime series, Ed is the stronger alchemist of the two, therefore, in the game, he has more transmutations. Players can call up the alchemy menu at any time during game play and assign a transmutation to one of the three available hot keys. Furthermore, the game rewards players that enjoy experimentation by providing another sub-menu to tweak the distribution of ‘elements’ that go in to the transmutation. Each transmutation has an ideal setting that will cause the most damage; players have to experiment with different combiniations before they will find the optimum configuration.

The game features seven levels and interstitial cut-scenes to develop the story elements. There are ten enemy types and two boss fights.

Ben 10: Battle Ready

Ben Tennyson is a normal kid with the extraordinary ability. He can change into ten different alien forms at will with the help of his wristwatch-like Omnitrix. Help Ben master his evil-stomping skills in ten unique missions before taking on the massive boss robot!

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Evil forces, led by the sinister Vigilax, are conspiring to reclaim the Omnitrix and have sent an army of robots to attack Ben at an abandonded factory. Help Ben sharpen his evil-stomping skills. Master all ten alien forms then take on the massive boss robot to repel the enemy assault.

You begin the game as Ben on the main factory floor where you can explore your surroundings, transform into your alter-egos, and experiement with each form’s abilities by smashing boxes, machines, and wandering robot attackers. When you are ready to begin a mission, hunt down and step up to one of the ten kiosks scattered throughout the factory. Your goal inside each mission is to collect all 10 Sumo Slammer cards and find the exit. Your task won’t be free of danger. Robot drones are around every turn waiting to strike.

A boss level is unlocked upon completion of all ten missions. The boss has a few special attacks that pack quite a whallop. Defeating him should prove to be a challenge!

The game features eleven playable characters — Ben and his ten alien forms — twelve maps, and four tilesets.

The characters and settings are based on the Saturday morning series Ben 10 on Cartoon Network which launched January 2006.

Stroker and Hoop: Money$hot Pinball

Most pinball games have bumpers. This one has knockers. Based on the somewhat tasteless Adult Swim cartoon Stroker and Hoop, this equally tasteless pinball game features one main table and five unlockable minigames. The lightning fast, ultra-realistic ball action, barrage of sound effects, challenging play, and tuned scoring system makes this an exciting game with plenty of replay value.

  • Webby award honoree — Interactive Advertising
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    All the standard pinball elements are present; flippers, chutes, ramps, bumpers, slingshots, and targets. Hit the required combination of targets to unlock the magnetic ‘Money$hot’ hole in the middle of the table. Drop the ball in the hole to start a minigame. You may find yourself trying to knock out cannibals, blast pursuing cop cars, or nudge missing organs through the wound from which they were extracted. Gross, but fun.

    Skyracer: Impulse

    Fast-forward to the distant future. High-tech hover craft race on roadways anti-gravitationally suspended far above the ground. Feel the thrill of break-neck speed in this 3D action game.

    You race against 3 computer controlled vehicles as you zip around hairpin turns, zigzagging around skyscrapers and canyon rock formations.

    Designed for, this game uses the 3D Groove Xtra developed by The Groove Alliance. The 3D Groove engine offers fast software-only rendering and hardware accelerated Open GL support for advance video cards.

    The game features three selectable hovercraft and two stunningly beautiful track designs. Your fastest lap and race times are saved between game sessions and you can even submit your best to an online high score board.

    The keyboard controls are completely configurable and rendering quality can be reduced when playing on older computers. Four camera modes are available and easily switchable during a race.

    Death From Above

    Do you have what it takes to be an ace WW1 fighter pilot? Find out now! Eight challenging missions await. Choose your allegiance and take to the skies in this 3D action dog fighting game!

    Designed for, this game uses the 3D Groove Xtra developed by The Groove Alliance. The 3D Groove engine offers fast software-only rendering and hardware accelerated Open GL support for advance video cards.

    The game features four selectable aircraft each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Will you choose the slow, but powerful German Fokker Dr.I, or the relatively weak but very maneuverable French Spad S.VII?

    Eight challenging missions await, each one more difficult than the last. Defeat all the enemies before your plane runs out of fuel. Keep an eye on your engine gauge as you take damage; get shot too many times and you’ll be taking an uncontrollable nose-dive in no time!

    Defeat your enemies faster for more points. Manage to get through a fight without a single scratch and you will get a huge bonus. The game will remember your high score between sessions and you can submit your best to the online high score board.

    The mouse sensitivity and keyboard controls are completely configurable to your own preferences.