This chapel is designed to hold a small congregation in a semi-rural area of Northeastern Ohio. The structure is situated on the bank of a reservoir, carving deep into the mass of a small peninsula and extending beyond the shoreline, out over the water.

The building’s form is a metaphorical representation of prayer — the heavy concrete walls represent the physical body and the more delicate structure within represents the spirit. Uncontained by the physical realm, the spirit escapes the body and floats above the shimmering surface of the water.


My second-year design studio was focused on exploring abstract design solutions with simple geometric forms such as this greenhouse. Within the structure there exists a retail floral shop, upper-level offices, storage areas, and a large two floor glass-enclosed nursery.

Cluster House

A second-year studio assignment and one of my favorite projects. The goal of this exercise was to design a four-family housing structure in which each unit was exactly the same as the others and all shared a common center point; otherwise known as a “Cluster House”. In my design, each unit is a 90-degree rotation of the adjacent unit which created a pinwheel effect.

It turned out to be a very tricky geometric challenge to create a functional housing unit while being respectful of the implications on neighboring units when they are attached. Each vertical element in the floor plan relates to a horizontal element in the same unit so they will align when the unit is rotated.

Mag-Lev Station

This third-year studio project called for the design of a boarding station for a fictitious mag-lev transit system. The high-speed commuter system was intended to link together Ohio’s three major cities, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.