HCG Logo Intro

This short animation was a 3D translation of an existing 2D logo for Hammond Communications Group, a video production company started by sports commentator Tom Hammond. The logo animation was placed at the start of every video HCG produced.

MicroStation Manager Cover

Raytraced image submitted to MicroStation Manager magazine where it was selected to be the cover image for the October 1996 issue.

Architectural Animation

Various architectural renderings and animations from when I worked at Hammond Communications Group/ArchVision.

Valvoline Global Experience

These animations were part of a 10-minute marketing video promoting Valvoline products to international markets. The presentation consists of five main segments shot on location in various countries. Each segment is introduced with an animated sequence showing a high-tech interface that scans a country’s topography and displays some demographic data. The video is introduced and concluded with animated sequences showing an orbital view of the Earth.