Ben 10: Battle Ready

Ben Tennyson is a normal kid with the extraordinary ability. He can change into ten different alien forms at will with the help of his wristwatch-like Omnitrix. Help Ben master his evil-stomping skills in ten unique missions before taking on the massive boss robot!

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Evil forces, led by the sinister Vigilax, are conspiring to reclaim the Omnitrix and have sent an army of robots to attack Ben at an abandonded factory. Help Ben sharpen his evil-stomping skills. Master all ten alien forms then take on the massive boss robot to repel the enemy assault.

You begin the game as Ben on the main factory floor where you can explore your surroundings, transform into your alter-egos, and experiement with each form’s abilities by smashing boxes, machines, and wandering robot attackers. When you are ready to begin a mission, hunt down and step up to one of the ten kiosks scattered throughout the factory. Your goal inside each mission is to collect all 10 Sumo Slammer cards and find the exit. Your task won’t be free of danger. Robot drones are around every turn waiting to strike.

A boss level is unlocked upon completion of all ten missions. The boss has a few special attacks that pack quite a whallop. Defeating him should prove to be a challenge!

The game features eleven playable characters — Ben and his ten alien forms — twelve maps, and four tilesets.

The characters and settings are based on the Saturday morning series Ben 10 on Cartoon Network which launched January 2006.