Any Decision is a Good Decision

In January 2019, I gave a presentation entitled “Any decision is a good decision: Even the bad ones move you forward” at the Vista UX Summit in Dallas, TX. The audience was comprised of leaders, designers, product managers, and engineers from the various Vista portfolio companies. Here’s a synopsis of the presentation:

We all strive to make the right decisions. All too often, though, conflicting information, ambiguous advice, differing opinions, and fear of failure can lead to analysis paralysis. In my first year as UX Director at IAS, I learned that making a decision — any decision, even a bad one — got us one step closer to where we needed to be. In this talk, I’ll share examples of decisions I’ve made in 2018 including the context around the decision, the decision itself (the good, the bad, and the ugly), the outcome, and the lesson learned. I’ll show the science behind why even bad decisions can move you forward. I’ll also share some techniques I’ve found invaluable for transforming the difficult decisions into easy ones.